Friday, September 29, 2006

Today's birds

The morning started with 16 Goldfinch at home and a likely but distant Siskin.

Two Skylarks going high, west over the church at 9 ish, at least 2 House Martins around the West Cliff streets at lunchtime and a reported raptor in the playground in the afternoon savaging a small bird (presume Sparrowhawk - savaging) all made for an eventful work day.

After work 5 - 6 Golf Course Ravine produced Chiffchaff, 2; Blackcap, 1; a small influx of Blackbirds and Robins and a couple of Goldcrests. Offshore 2 or 3 Sanwich Terns lingered, a kittiwake and a couple of Gannets. The fields around the ravine and flyovers included Yellow Wagtail, only about 12 alba wags which didn't gather for a roost there and a couple of mepits. 150 or Bl-h Gulls were on the fairways with c10 argenteus as I left.

Weather was calm, after heavy rain earlier in the pm. The passerines in the ravine favoured the sunny east side, near the seaside end.

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