Friday, March 16, 2007

Garden and work

Early(ish) in the garden this morning produced Redpoll, Siskin, Lapwing, 12 Redwing, four species of gull and quite a bit of display (Greenfinch) and song (Yellowhammer) drumming (GtSpot). Failed to hear Green Woody or Red Grouse additions which would have swelled the day list to a best for the year.

As I got into the Whitby suburbs a flock of "geese" was glimpsed between the houses heading north. I needed to get to the sea front pronto for id - 2mph Picasso in front, dither, dither .... However, made it in time to get on to 64 swans heading out over the front and then NW further out to sea. Even if i failed to get an id they were superb, brilliant.

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