Thursday, July 31, 2008

Darrell vs Anonymous

A quick response to all this hullabaloo. I will post a position response to the huge issues that have been raised (probably on the Badseawatcher Pages) at a later date, after I've figured it all out.

Darrell you were a bit rude. I know you feel this strongly but all the same .... I also disagree with you about shooting.

Anon, if I may be familiar. You have also been rude and misjudged me. I do not hold the views you suggest I hold, neither do I behave in the manner you suggest and similarly nor do many birders. A couple of brief points. I am positive about moorland management for grouse, with one or two reservations which I am sure you would expect. I am positive about grouse and other shooting, again with a few reservations.

Personally I regret the present polarisation and entrenchment of views on both "sides" I would like some dialogue but it has to be reasoned, polite and respectful of each others' views. There are wrongs in both camps but there is also wide distrust and dislike, as has been demonstrated. We need to be taking steps to build bridges not blow them up.

Both of you: when you're in my blog you may argue robustly but you do it with reason and respect and not casual abuse. I will leave your posts for now but please consider this matter closed until I post my position statement, I would prefer that you both (and anyone else for that matter) refrains from commenting on this post.

Thank you.


AndyC said...

Well said ...Alastair.Its a very difficult situation and i speak from great experience having worked on the moors for the last five years.This argument has no end if you stick to your own 'blinkered' opinion .I see in the latest RSPB magazine there is a competition for the best farming practises.It would be nice to see a best gamekeepers article as well.Too long has this arugument had no end.Build more bridges,other wise the goverment will turn it into new 'eco town.'Long live our beautiful moors.

Alastair said...

Thanks Andy. I was going to contact you for some advice and information as you must have garnered considerable information and expertise over recent years. Think I've got your email address somewhere.