Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mad moorland birding

Lovely morning yesterday so I decided to nip up on the moor.

It was a bit icy around us but seemed ok.

Halfway up the very steep road to the moor top I was beginning to question my sanity as the road was covered in frost, ice and some snow. Fortunately the trusty winter tyres did their job and the Fiesta got to the top. The less fortunate VW that had tried to go down a neighbouring route, I could see from the top, was way off the road - rather lucky it stopped where it did another metre or so it would have rolled a long way.

The top road was just pure ice and snow. Eventually the site was gained but it was all a bit still. Of the four target species none were confirmed, though two were maybe distantly heard. However, a beautiful morning.


Blyth Birder said...

I questioned my sanity a couple of times yesterday as the car was sliding across the un-gritted roads on a number of occasions.

Warren Baker said...

yep! mad birding!!

Anonymous said...

A really nice blog.

I've started a bit of a new project, which is a multi-user wildlife blog for Yorkshire birders. If you fancy becoming a contributor then drop me a line.