Sunday, March 01, 2009

Niger getting eaten

During much of the winter the Niger feeders have not attracted much interest but as spring is springing, the green shoots emerging, the Niger is being gobbled again. Chaffinches mostly but a few Siskin are now visiting regularly. Goldfinch continue to be very few and far between.

Ah, just seen a Jay from the window, 100 for the year.

In the autumn I omitted to report a Marsh Tit feeding on Niger. Ignoring the tasty peanut feeder nearby and the sunflower seeds around the back a Marsh Tit went five consecutive times to the Niger feeder, clearly took a seed, perched up in the tree and holding the tiny seed with its feet clobbered it in the usual style until it got the edible bit out. Not seen before or since but of interest I thought.


Warren Baker said...

I had Niger feeders in my garden, it attracted lots of golfinch's, but they moved on to the sunflower hearts. Now I just give them the hearts.

West Cliff said...
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Alastair said...

The Niger is preferred in the summer. The Siskin especially like it but Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Greenfinch also eat it, as well as Marsh Tit. Collared Dove had a go at it one day.