Thursday, July 23, 2009

Herring Gulls - orange darvic

I've been seeing a few herring Gulls with single, long, orange darvic rings. These are numbered, 1739 was at Scaling Dam on Tuesday evening. Anyone know who to contact for these? I've tried looking on the cr birding and can't find anything .....


Nathalie said...

To report a colour-ringed bird, go to:

There is also a site dedicated to colour-ringing in Europe: Select Herring Gull and you'll see there are a lot of schemes! But the most likely one for yours is towards the end and based in York.

I saw an orange-ringed HG in Whitby back in Oct 07 but I never managed to get close enough to read the ring :(

Alastair said...

Nathalie, thank you. I checked the cr site not so long ago and couldn't find this scheme, I'll have another look.

East Ayton Birding said...

Try emailing Alastair - sounds like it could be one of hers.

The Central Science Lab at York were monitoring roof nesting herring gulls in Scarborough, and I think the birds were actually being rung at Seamer Tip.

Pretty regular to see them around here, but maybe yours is from a different project.



Alastair said...


Thanks it is one of Sara's and I've now been in contact.