Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Early morning West Pier

Down to the end of the West Pier for 7 a.m. Very difficult watching conditions with the wind blowing WNW with a bit of welly in it. Scoter were moving and after 5 minutes two skuas sheared down with the wind. Of course they were gone in moments and with the scope shaking around id was tricky. I reckoned they were Arctics but I could not be certain. In the following half hour there were no more skuas, no little weeny things and lots more scoter - various small numbers close in going east, a large flock west and two large flocks (40 or so) east. There were also Kittiwakes all over the shop, close in, distant going up and down and there were a few Gannets knocking about as well. By 07:35 I decided to have a look in the harbour and around and about - 2 Guillemots were in the harbour mouth, a few Cormorants but that was it.

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