Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday's birds

Male Bullfinch in the garden, with the now resident Tree Sparrows and Marsh Tit. 60+ Fieldfare in the next door field (and the same number at Scaling Dam a little later). Best tho' was 4 Redpoll which dropped in to the feeding flock, no bins so no id unfortunately.

Later at Scaling there were more duck than of late with 227 Teal, 30 odd Wigeon and 12 Goldeneye as well as 2 Goosander ducks (there'd been a drake earlier).

Also at Scaling was the Stoat World Marathon champion which spent the morning galloping around the edge of the reservoir chasing rabbits, without a great deal of success. One had to admire the Stoat's tenacity as at one point it bounded all of a 100 metres in pursuit of one particular terrified Lagomorph.

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