Saturday, January 05, 2008

East side of town

Saltwick feeding waders

Abbey Plain Lapwings

Velvet Scoters (honest)

Spent the late morning and early afternoon searching the tetrad on the east side of Whitby. Loads of waders including 67 Redshank, 81 Curlew, 717 Lapwing, 123 Golden Plover, 9 Dunlin and 95 Oystercatchers. These split between Satwick and the Abbey Plain. The "Withered-legged Whimbrel of Saltwick Nab" was not found but a Curlew with a duff leg was. This bird spends most of its time lying down, when it flies the leg hangs straight down below the body and it is without doubt a Curlew.... But my mind is still open to the possibility - two bird theory.

Best of the morning was a flock of 21 Snow Buntings found whilst scanning and counting the waders at Saltwick.

At the coastguards the Velvet Scoters gave themselves up rather easily, all 6 of them. They rather conveniently sat on the sea directly below the coastguard after having a bit of a fly about. Also of note there 90 or so Common Scoter and 3 Eider.

There were 3 Rock Pipits around the Abbey.

It wasn't too windy, sunny even some of the time, little rain, 'twas bliss.

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