Sunday, January 27, 2008

Interesting, snuffling, sneezing day

Black-headed Gull

From sunny Sandsend

Still have lurgy.

Managed to do the Garden Birdwatch fairly early on. Our list included Vesent 1+2, Chafchis 60, Tree Sparo 1, Fatdad 1 and Smelly Ellen 1. I need to tutor the scribe with her spelling methinks.

An exchange of texts with Halifax birders who had strayed into VC62 revealed a near miracle (slight exaggeration) a Hen Harrier, whilst they were seeking a Rough-leg which they failed to see. Then whilst they were on the way home down the A19 those awake at the time spotted a large white raptor sitting on a fence post beside the road. Presumably at this point mass panic ensued, particularly as Nick who had been asleep in the back came to realise that he might have dipped on a serious mega, a totally brilliant find. The next slip road was taken and much to Nick's relief the Gyr was still sitting there. By the third pass it had gone. There is always the suspicion of a falconer's bird with Gyrs but I had thought that they mostly use hybrids? Any information about falconers and their birds around Thirsk will be gratefully received. I look forward to the receiving the description chaps :-), cos it was in VC62.


Nick Carter said...

According to Birdguides what must be the same bird was reported in the Thirsk area three times previously the same day as our sighting. We didn't pick up any jesses but it was sat on a fence post and we only saw it as we drove past (no damned hard shoulder!)so who knows? a wild bird or an escape? Would be interesting to know if who ever saw it on the earlier occasions saw any jesses, do you have any contacts at Birdguides who might be able to find this out? (Russ isn't there any more).

Nick Carter said...

Andy (the finder - I was asleep!)has said he intends to submit a description.

Nick Carter said...

Stop press! Just found out that Lightwater Valley have lost a white phase Gyr/Saker cross so looks like this might be our bird. I take it you'll not be wanting a description :)

Dean ( mostlymacro ) said...

Sounds like the bird that was frequenting the Old Moor ( Barnsley ) a few weeks back.

Alastair said...

Thanks folks. Bit of a disappointment then :-(