Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Malcom O don't read this

Web-footed, plodding, honking, hybridising, kept-in-captivity-and all-too-frequently-escaping, hard-to-id-(sometimes), irritatingly-elusive, invisible, clearly-the-figment-of-some-birders'-imaginations, collective-hallucination-inducing, hiding, fuel-wasting, grass-scoffing Anseriformes, listen; I've had it with you, right. I seek thee no longer. I care not whether I espy ye.

It may be gathered that I have returned from yet another trip to the so-called goosey Scaling Dam gooseless.

Willow Warbler in the garden this morning. A possible Willow Warbler foraging in distant Sallows at Scaling Dam.


bluebirder said...

That's a little more than bad luck isn't it? Even my guileless mate who dips more than Mark Spitz at a Munich Olympiad and has a heart condition and can't walk to the end of the street and is the world's worst driver managed a 300 mile round trip and connected with those geese at Scaling! Don't want to make you feel any worse like!

Alastair said...

They're probably escapes anyway, web-footed flounderers.