Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mud Man

Various attempts to see the various geese (1 Tundra Bean, 1 White-front, 1 Egyptian, 6 Pink-feet) at Scaling Dam this week have not been successful. Failed to go on Wednesday p.m. when I'd planned to, and failed to look at phone to check, too knackered after work - but the geese were there. Early morning Thursday, no geese - did find two Little Ringed Plovers however. Meant to go on Friday but lack of enthusiasm after work - the geese were there. Saturday midday, and checked surrounding fields no geese. No indication on the phone so went back late afternoon - this after I'd spent the afternoon digging a long ditch and finishing digging the pond. To suggest I was in a bit of a muddy state would be a lie, I was mud; oozy, smelly, ditch mud. So I wasn't greeted enthusiastically by the other occupants of the hide, they looked a bit horrified and left promptly. No geese either, and another drive around was not productive.

Birds today - Little Grebe; a flock of 11 Goldeneye; 2, Little Ringed Plovers; 2 Swallows scurried west and that was about it. There were reports of White Wagtail but I failed to connect with them.

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