Sunday, September 28, 2008

This day shall forthwith be known as P-fG Day

Lazing in bed at 7 a.m., not expecting a birding day a familiar sound came through the open Velux. "Pinkfeet!" I yelled and rushed specless and contactlensless to the next Velux where a blurry V confirmed my hearing, probably about 250 or so. Then I heard but did not see a skein. Louise on her run at 8 a.m. managed to hear but not see a skein but whilst in the bath called me off the computer as she could hear "wink-wink from her bath via the bathroom Velux; two skeins 136 and 41 (omitted from BirdGuides total), these at 10ish. I then engaged with the job of the day using the strimmer, this probably meant I missed a pile of geese as when I stopped for lunch there was a 270 and a 250 that joined up and then in fairly short succession a 250, 110, 50, 150, 7, 250, 42. At 1.20 p.m. there was a 225 followed by a 102. At 2:55 p.m. there was a 120 and at 3:30 p.m. a skein was heard but not seen. So eighteen skeins for a total of 2,253 seen plus an unknown number in the unseen skeins. Brilliant.


nigel said...

Well, I spent 8 hours+ in VC62 today (with my personal tour guide JB) but no sign of the illustrious "Whitby Birder". Mind you, no birds to speak of either! Except, 1 Med Gull, a few RTD, and we worked hard for a YB Warbler at Raindale at 5pm (and lots of PFG of course). Oh well, maybe next time.

Alastair said...

Sorry Nigel I was in the garden all day. Don't suppose you kept a note of all the Pink-feet you saw? How many Red-throats and where was the Med? Well done with the Yellow-browed. Buzz me a mail on the birdsvc62@gmail address.