Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ungripped - again

Bit slow on the draw with the camera today so Whinchat was all I could manage

A meeting ending late afternoon across town provided the opportunity. It had been thick fog on the coast this morning and had drizzled a little. Arrived in the Saltwick area to an immediate score, Pied Flycatcher, Chiffchaff, Red-breasted Flycatcher number 1 and then Red-breasted Flycatcher number 2. This all in a few minutes. The second bird was slightly sullied by a leg iron and a bit of enquiry uncovered that "young" WN had been active earlier in the day netting this bird and a Yellow-browed Warbler. One of four or five Chiffies was also carrying metal. A Lesser Whitethroat was neat, a Willow Warbler, then what's this? Round tail, long bill, whoooo it's a Locustella. Fortunately the bird gave excellent views and proved to be a Grasshopper Warbler. A walk down the hill uncovered another Lesser Whitethroat. I then elected, perhaps unwisely to hike round to the lone Sallow. It's a bit of a walk but this was the spot where there were birds at the weekend. The Sun did not help so the crest that showed was unidentifiable. A Whinchat and a Stonechat showed, as did three Roe Deer and about 5 Speckled Wood. The walk back produced Wheatear and another Stonechat. The gully held Goldcrests and Robins, both of which had increased since the weekend. Then back to the R-bF place with more views. Yellow-browed Warbler called twice.I wandered off to look at gardens and looking back saw a Phyllosc that appeared to have wing bar and a heavy supercilium - various expletives. Galloped back to the spot and proceeded to get poor and inconclusive views. Heard the Y-b W again. In the end I think the wing bar may have just been a Chiffy but not sure. A last garden proved empty but the Sun was falling and birds were skulking.

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