Saturday, October 25, 2008

H145580 part 2

Christmas Eve last year I found a Herring Gull bearing a ring whilst we were eating fish and chips down in Whitby. I read the ring and sent the details off to the BTO. I was rather surprised when they replied that it wasn't a BTO ring and they couldn't help source which ringing scheme it was from. A few emails were exchanged but there semed little hope of getting to the source of this bird. Early this week there was a letter from Belgium on the doormat. Someone at BTO had been a bit more persistent than had been indicated to me, thanks, oh diligent one. The Herring Gull had been ringed as a fourth year at Middelkerke, Belgium, 437 km away, on 13th March 2006 (1y 9m 11d previously). Thanks to everyone who managed to track down the information and get it to me.

Clearly this is an unlikely route for the Herring Gull to have taken unless it sat on someone's roof rack - no you would not want a Herring Gull inside your car.

It's looking mighty good for a seawatch on Tuesday next week - maybe Wednesday as well, I can't see the charts for that yet. And ..... I'm off work ...... brilliant. Come on weather, stay on track.

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