Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seawatch 2

No this wasn't the day either. Only Gannets and (half-heartedly) Kittiwakes moving. Friday looks as if it might be the Little Auk day?

Today Great Northern Diver was the best bird, it flew in with a Red-throat, which it dwarfed, and landed on the sea in front of me but too distant for pix. On the walk down I flushed a Snow Bunting but otherwise that was about it. Exactly 100 Gannet went north in the two hours, I did count them, with 15 south. 78 Kittiwakes were dawdling north also. Other than those it was 3 Common Scoter, 3 Goldeneye and 1 Eider all north and 9 Red-throated Diver in various directions.

In the early light an argentatus Herring Gull managed to look very like an adult Glaucous Gull as it went south. I could just make out one black primary tip, the bright sunrise making the mantle, back and upper wings look very pale. An easy pitfall. Four more of these went south in the first hour but none was quite as lacking in wing markings as the first bird and as the light got better the back colour looked darker.

A hunt around for passerines drew a blank.

I got home and it snowed .......

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