Thursday, November 02, 2006

The North Wind doth blow

A good old blow which began late Tuesday a.m. settled to a more gentle north westerly but it was still showery this morning. Hopes of Little Auks driven into the bay were dashed (but they would be hard to see on a lowish tide and a huge sea) but there was compensation. Driving down two large flocks of Starlings crossed my path going west, a 1,000 and a 1,500 possibly. From 07:00 Starlings were moving over the ravine and along the beach. In an hour nearly 340 went west in small parties and these were still going at 09:00 when two parties went past the playground. New birds for the patch were Snipe, 1 high SW, and Goldeneye, 2M and 2F went west. Also on the move were single Grey Heron and Brambling, a sprinkling of Mepits and 3 Skylarks - all SW or west. A Sparrowhawk also put in an appearance and Blackbird numbers were high with at least 20 in the lane alone. By 09:00 the sun was coming through and the morning was brightening. No doubt it will be bright for the weekend but a search for Little Auks on calmer seas in the bays may bring rewards.

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