Sunday, November 26, 2006

Scaling feeders

On the feeder today, Willow Tit. A snap from the hide. A lso around the car park at least 2 Bullfinches, a Redwing and quite a few (10ish) Blackbirds.

This Willow Tit shows the wing panel quite clearly. A few miles down the road at home we have Marsh Tit (well had, they've become elusive of late). Last autumn and winter there were at least 4 visiting us regularly. There are claims of Marsh Tit at Scaling ..... but I've not seen or heard them there. Around the village Marsh Tit are quite common and although there is suitable habitat for Willow Tit I'm yet to find them here. Amazing really how late these two species were split as the calls (at least) are pretty distinctive - not that the occasional embarrasing error has not been made .... Posted by Picasa

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