Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scaling Dam record

Two entries for Scaling Dam on Birdguides today - and neither of them mine. The L-t Duck is still there, I saw it on Sunday and it was still present on Tuesday morning when I popped in on the way to Northallerton. Adult Med Gull in the roost and Whooper Swans complete the current line up.

A very quick drop in to the golf course ravine this morning produced a Scoter, 6 Shags and what was very likely Mr Bigfeet disappearing into the distance rocket powered - got onto him toooooooo late unfortunately - too interested in looking along the breaker edge for Little Auks, none of course. I really should have added LA to the site list last week - lack of dynamic imperative (lazing around in bed til 7 and cooking the family porridge). However, this weekend is looking posible.

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