Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Garden stuff

The new feeding strategy has increased the Chaffinch flock up to about 70 - it's hard to know the real number as they come and go from and to a fair distance through the day. Interesting watching a Greenfinch on a seed feeder today using its bill sideways as a shovel, pushing the wheat out onto the floor so it could get to the few sunflower seeds and other good stuff - the Chaffinchs benefit from this behaviour because they hoover up what's on the deck (as do the Pheasants). We could probably do with putting the better quality stuff - that's now run out - near to the house, we don't want food on the deck near the house because of the rat problem (not that I've seen one for some weeks now).

A flock of large gulls drifted into the dale this morning, mostly Herring with a few Geeb, they corrected to go south near the head of the dale. There were three Geebs yesterday as well. Large gulls are generally quite uncommon in the dale.

Flock of c35 Golden Plover went high west early this morning. Song and Mistle Thrush still singing.

Still no Marsh Tits on the feeders, none now since the spring although I have occasionally heard them along the lane. Perhaps we need some snow to bring them in.

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