Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wigeon crash test cliff

So we get down on to Runswick Bay beach heading for the pub and this Wigeon comes from nowhere at rapid speed and flies straight, head first into the cliff. Dazed Wigeon slides down cliff and on to beach - and is immediately savaged by two hounds. However, a quick rescue is accomplished. Wigeon is examined and appears rather passive - I guess anyone would be after 30mph collision with a cliff. I reckon the Wigeon is a gonner - girls stroke Wigeon and say goodbye and I decide to set it on the very calm sea, I set Wigeon at waters edge, it sits on the sand in a dead pose for a few moments and then flies low and fast out to sea to be joined immediately by a drake. Wigeon awarded ***** NCAP stars. Posted by Picasa


darrell j prest said...

great blog,i have gone mad and taken green withens as my patch!!!! but as you know birds turn up anywhere so far lots of good stuff....marsh harrier,grasshopper warbler,common scoter,kittiwake
all the best darrell

good birding in 2007

Alastair said...

Thank you. Green Withens has never previously been watched much - as I recall - but a good spot. Enjoy birding 2007.

darrell j prest said...

green withens never got a mention in nick d's 'birds of halifax'!!
enjoy whitby and the birding