Friday, December 22, 2006

Sunny days up t' dale

Two garden ticks today - Tree Sparrow first. Two were under the new feeders and then on next door's feeder. So the spuggie seen fleetingly and heard briefly yesterday was most likely this species. Then in the afternoon 53 Greylag were flushed into the dale from the moor to the north by a light aircraft - they came almost directly over the garden. Siskin were again in evidence but again not on the Niger feeders - feeding in the larch. Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush were singing. Fieldfare were heard only and a few Redwing were about. 2 Kestrel again and a Spughawk. The Great spot briefly on the peanut feeder. No gulls, not one. The Magpie roost held at least 4 and about 50 Woodpigs with just one Stocky came to roost. Glorious light; lunch in the garden; t-shirt weather really, honest. Posted by Picasa


Mostlymacro said...

That is one stunning pic Alistair. The best atmospheric shot i`ve seen for a long time.


Alastair said...

Thank you. It's taken a while to get. I like to look a lot before I shoot and various previous attempts have been dispatched to the trash. This is the view from our house - zoomed in and cropped a bit (too much dark moor at the top of the pic) - I love how the hedgerow and trees leave long shadows across the fields and the melting frost and mist gave it that extra quality. This was the third shoot of the day and I'm quite pleased how it turned out - other than cropping there's no computer enhancement.

Mostlymacro said...

You`re right to be pleased Alistair, your patience has really paid off with this one.

Best wishes