Friday, January 19, 2007

Bad Seawatching - No 2 (the answers)

Unsurprisingly no entries to the competition, this sea watching is after all very hard stuff. No prizes to give out, so I'll keep the bins. Here are the answers.

1. A classic case of "wrong place" Haderhaven is a harbour in the middle of Holland, less than ideal for a seawatch.
2. No bins - not a pair in sight, bins are the essential piece of kit you always have at the ready for a seawatch.
3. No soup (or tea, or coffee - acceptable alternatives) - another essential.
4. Two hats too few - three hats would be the minimum recommended.
5. Hands in trouser pockets. This can easily lead to the very worrying "damaged trousers" - an uncomfortable and usually seawatch terminating condition or even "too close to the birds" - generally a wet experience and equally terminal in respect of the seawatch.

Thanks again to Ed van zoonen for the use of his photo.

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