Monday, January 15, 2007

Rabbit stuff

The garden is still full of rabbits. I have a thing about introduced species - only Little Owl and Brown Hare (although that may be native) really escape my wrath. Rabbits don't only eat everything - even gooseberry bushes - they also cause a significant pot hole hazard for the casual wanderer. No longer. I have printed out these magnificent tips and hints and scattered them around the garden. (A much safer strategy than the fellow who dislikes moles and came up with a wild plan involving many metal stakes and lots of electricity = happy moles; dead fellow. Do follow the link.

Oops have discovered that the images were copyright from a book(s) by Andy Riley (and were taken down due to copyright issues). These are similar (in homage?). The originals are very clever (and funny in a Tebbit Spitting Image kind of a way).

Andy if you're reading I didn't really print out pirate images and scatter them all over the garden, no sireee.

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