Sunday, January 14, 2007

Garden today

Star performer today was the Great Spot, as usual. The Chaffinch flock was at least 50 strong, Goldfinch are now up to 8. Of most interest was the magpie roost, just across the road, which hit a record 32. Magpie are quite hard to see here most of the time so it is interesting that so many come to roost. I should go and stand on top of the moor late one afternoon and see if any are coming in from the next dale or if they all originate from this one.

4 species of gull today but no great numbers, reflecting the numbers at Scaling. 9 GBbG with 4 Herring went through.

Yesterdays brief sortie to Scaling Dam in the late afternoon produced the 1st W LTD but very little else. Gulls were well down, only 250 Commons although the rough seas brought c50 GBbG. Posted by Picasa

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