Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bad Seawatching No 3 Wrong Place

A classic case of wrong place is Filey. Why bother to seawatch here? As can be seen by the map birds are likely to be miles out - probably unviewable. A good imagination is required if anything of interest is to be recorded (so that explains a gaggle of rejected P.feae in 2005).

Take a tip from BadSeawatcher drive down the road (20 mins) and watch at Flamborough or be daring and try those more northern points (Ness Point and Kettleness) for birds coming south out of the Tees Bay.

Real seawatchers do not need a hide (Filey has an A grade hide) or good company (Filey birders are a convivial lot) (at any rate they were til I wrote this). Real seawatchers need harsh elements blowing the soup away from freezing lips. Real seawatchers do not need to be told that the feae is at 200m inside the double black flag - find it yourself or be damned says BadSeawatcher.

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