Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Feet

Nice day yesterday but .... we had to go to Middlebrough - Ellen's birthday coming up, B&Q house things to get and all that stuff .... Foolishly I'd vaguely suggested we go and see Happy Feet, the girls took this as a promise, uh oh. The sky was blue, I could have been birding, going in to the cinema on a sunny afternoon - I've never done that - but there was no other day for this stuff soooo - and a promise is a (hang on there was no promise) - no the grief would have been unbearable. We zoomed past Scaling without a glance (twice) - ok 2nd time in the dark. Was that the world's most expensive popcorn? - We usually make it ourselves for almost nothing. But this movie combines three of my favourite things - well four if you count laughing, (5 if you count movies) birds (ok so they're animated birds but they're well animated birds), music and politics (not shovedinyourface politics, but this movie is more political than many a serious grown up political movie). So nice day - even though the *********** blind is too small (do-it-all was never my strength). Check out the links and scroll down for the Happy Feet photo thing.

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