Monday, February 26, 2007

Today in the garden

Yes I should have been at work but .... more 5-a-side mayhem yesterday evening claimed my gastrocnemius which ruptured rather spectacularly so WhitbyBirding will be mobile by crutch power - this may limit further moorland adventures in the near future, probably for the next week or so, garden observations are likely to be seriously curtailed also. So two games - 2 injuries, is my body telling me something?

A new Great Spot on the front feeder, a female, and a first for me Long-tailed Tits on the peanuts. Neither captured on image as I'm peering at an obtuse angle from the kitchen table whilst working.

Next door's frogs were on great croaking form last night. Snow forecast for tomorrow morning.

1 comment:

Nick Carter said...

Fraid so old chap, you're like me too bloody old for all that physical stuff!