Friday, April 20, 2007

Dale birds today

Birding has been restricted this week by child care duties (as Louise as some horrible lurgy) and of course work doesn't help. There will be a bit of an opportunity in forth coming weeks to watch in Pannett Park as I have a group of children working there occasionally on a science project - using Birdtrack will probably be part of that as the friends of the park are keen for some recording.

After work I had time to cycle up the dale with Ellen on the new (2nd hand) tag-along bike. A familiar summer song over my head indicated the first Swallows of the year. On the way back there were 4 Mistle Thrush scrapping in a field, a few Curlew and 150 Woodpigeon as well. Bird of the day was a male Siskin on a Nyger feeder by the kitchen window.

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