Monday, April 23, 2007

Slow worm

Louise found a big slow worm by the front gate today, but it had gone by the time she had got the camera. (Click the title for link to BBC info slow worm Anguis fragilis).


Nick Carter said...

Would have liked to have seen that, only ever seen one a (very) long time ago in the Dales. Only ever seen two Adders also but I guess you must get them over your way?

Alastair said...

There are Viper here although I'm yet to see one, one was squashed on the school drive last autumn. Unfortunately the Slow Worm (or another) was found dead by the bin the next day - suspect it had sheltered under there and the bin wagon had disturbed and squashed it.

The Blogger said...

I used to keep slow worms as pets when I was a kid back in the late 60's. We lived in Portsmouth and there were loads there in the grassland etc. Never seen one up Noth here in Yorkshire. My mum used to go berserk with me if one got out as they would be all over the floor and the ants would also get out too that I fed them on..