Sunday, April 22, 2007

Runswick Bay p.m.

The Fulmars are as usual choosing sites very low on the cliff, this pair are about 4m up, if that. I was reading or watching something the other week that suggested that 95% of UK Fulmars have plastic in their gut. Looking at Runswick beach today that's hardly surprising, and the amount of tangled and discarded fishing line was truly shocking. Fulmar should be a very long-lived bird, I suspect their life expectancy is currently reducing dramatically.

There didn't seem to be much doing except the occasional Phyllosc' when we arrived but then it started to rain and rain brings birds. At first there were 5 and eventually 17 House Martins and as we headed for the cafe and some tea and cakes 2 Whimbrel called and landed on the shore.

Back at base a pair and an additional male Siskin were again on the Nyger, so I expect there are two pairs at least preparing to nest.

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