Sunday, September 30, 2007

Little wind, huge sea

The sea was still crashing about today. I knew there wouldn't be many birds and should have gone looking in bushes but I went and sat on the Kettle for two hours anyway. 5 divers and 2 Mallard wrapped up the wildfowl (although I'm told there were a pile of Pink-feet in the afternoon).

Gulls included 6 adult Little, about 100 or so Black-headed, mostly flying west into the bay and 37 Common Gulls of a variety of ages - top number of Common Gulls so far. 5 Kittiwakes bothered to fly by.

Terns were of the Common and Arctic species, 9 of the former, 5 of the latter and 11 indeterminate ones.

A Knot went west.

Cormorant World stirred with 35 sightings in flight in the two hours - the majority went west but 14 went east.

On land there was a Lesser Whitethroat, a couple of Redwing and an interesting Phyllos like job that showed briefly from the sea of Gorse and promptly returned thence.

The car became very poorly on the way home and wallet was tearful again.

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