Monday, September 03, 2007

New BB - Sept 07

With admirable restraint the Good Doc (George Bristow's Secret Freezer) reviews "Ivorybill hunters: the search for proof in a flooded wilderness" and the words baloney, barmy nor even bollocks clattereth not from the GD's keyboard.

The storm-petrel id thing is furthered by the blurriest evidence ever for Madeiran off Scilly. Yes it could be a storm petrel, it might be a small, light aircraft or even a cracking, deception of a model - look closely isn't that an aerial? Ok who on that boat had the remote? And who could get the sea as horizontal as that in those circumstances, eh? Very suspect if you ask me. I'd have been that excited that you'd have water skied at world record pace down the slope I'd have created. (I'm only jealous.)


darrell j prest said...


i got banned from bird forum for posting that crap picture on the forum,oh and i called the staff moderators the 'gestapo'.

Alastair said...
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Alastair said...

I love the text too, "The combination of structure and visible plumage shown in this image is unique to Madeiran. .....mildly angular at the carpel joint and trailing edge gently angular". Let me say it here baloney, barmy and bollocks or perhaps just a very good imagination. Actually, there's pretty good evidence that Madeiran Storm-petrel, as we currently call this group of birds, is not separable in the field cos, guess what? There's more than one species.