Saturday, September 22, 2007

Roadkill (sensitivity warning, corpse photography)

If you're going to photograph roadkill make it something substantial. The only bit of car I could find was a mudflap, however, I expect (hope) it was in a bit of a state after this double murder. (To be fair they do sometimes panic and jump out and it was on a bit of a bend.) Rather sad though, they are exquisite things, I've been seeing them fairly regularly on the way to work recently (prancing ones that is, the deer not the cars, doh).

Having drunk all the beer (and eaten a whole packet of Maryland Cookies) whilst seawatching, lost the rifle in a ditch, and finding only a small roll of masking tape in the boot, I passed on the roping to the bonnet and a-hollering and a-whooping and all that mullarky all the way to Scaling Dam. (With honours and all homage to George Bristow's Secret Freezer, whose joke this is, thanks Martin.)

Addendum - last autumn a Sperm Whale was washed up in Runswick Bay "The Bay". Somehow I missed this (very smelly) event. However in terms of critters found dead this was the big one, I'm now picturing it roped to the bonnet of the metallic green Scenic = one squashed car.

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