Sunday, February 24, 2008

Atlas weekend

A weekend spent doing Atlas stuff at Ness Point and in the dale.

Ness Point was very quiet yesterday with just a few Gannets moving at sea of note. The visit was most useful for investigating seawatch places. The lowest place I can find is further towards Raindale, (John / Nick this looks quite useful to me, it gives very good views to the south and down to the beach / rocks below, so nothing can slide past unseen below the cliffs). This is in preparation for focusing more on the east/south side of Whitby this year. Velvet Scoter are still in evidence nearer the town with two reported from the pier (east I guess). A Hare and the two Roe Deer provided the most exciting moments of my morning.

A Woodcock flushed out of the bracken was the best bird of a rather blowy Atlas tromp around the organic farm and up to the plantation today. The noise of the wind prevented me confirming Crossbill, suspects seen fleetingly could not be heard. I'm now able to access much more of this tetrad thanks to the farmer who could not be more helpful (thanks Chris).

This afternoon I tramped across miles of fields to the moor edge for little ornithological reward.

Mols found a freshly dead Wood Mouse (nice hat Louise)

First frog spawn I've seen this year.


darrell j prest said...

whats the world coming to?
you remove a link to my blog,something to do 'with' swearing,yet publish photos of children holding(and looking quite happy) with dead animals!
the worlds gone mad
or did i miss a meeting

'sorry darrell you're late swearing's out dead mammals are in'


Boulmer Birder said...

Very arty indeed. Children and dead animals better than Damien Hirst I say. Get your kids a PSP!

Alastair said...

Art? That's dinner. Totally excellent on toast with a frog spawn garnish.