Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moorland tramp on energy saving day with earthquake reference

Well that was an exciting night (leaning towards "with" territory here); apparently for I did not wake, all the pantiles on the roof shook for a good few seconds, scary.

Managed to bail out of work early to complete my last Atlas square, a bit late in the day but never mind. I decided there was time to tramp across the moor to the conifer plantation. This was a bit energetic to be honest and I arrived, 9 Red Grouse and rather hot and bothered at the trees after half an hour. But it was worth it as immediately I found singing Crossbill (will post video). This is a particularly lovely piece of the moor, lots of old heather, lots of pools and streams and the plantation is in serious neglect, many fallen over trees and half dead standing trees. Great Spotted Woodpecker drummed a few feet from me, startled me more than the earthquake, and was joined by its prospective partner for a chase around the trees. Goldcrest and Wren were in song, Coal Tit was evident. I possibly heard Reed Bunting distantly and briefly as well.

There was some evidence of game keeping activities, but the trap (for rats/stoats etc) was rather rusty but also some evidence of predator presence with a plucked grouse found at one point.

The tramp back was even more energetic, through older ling, with 9 Red Grouse (I guess different ones) encountered en route.

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