Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bit of snow and some birds

Ranged far and wide today despite the very frozen stuff all over the ground. I'd decided not to go to the coast, not wishing to get stuck down one of the lanes but by early afternoon, when I looked out that way from Borrowby, it was clear that I'd made a misjudgement as all the white stuff was inland and there seemed to be none up to a klick or so from the coast.

Star of the day was a very nice female Gos, precisely what I was looking for. A classic as well; heard Carrion Crow, then the Jackdaws and Rooks were up making a fuss, and there she was going like the clappers after 'em. An hour or so later and a Buzzard made an appearance, bit slow on the draw with the camera unfortunately as it drifted towards me and then drifted away again; angles were awkward but it just about revealed itself as Buteo buteo.

An Atlas square produced variety but nothing much more, well a lot of House Sparrows, so I headed for Scaling Dam, also an Atlas site but I'm saving it for next winter. Redshank x2, a Grey Heron (uncommon there) Stonechat x2, Pink-feet x2. Grouse footprints everywhere. I struggled around the back wading through snow drifts and avoiding drowning in unseen bogs but narrowly.

Worst moment - being driven up a very narrow, icy, untreated and snow surrounded lane the 4x4 coming at us didn't seem to register the large hunk of silver coloured metal in its path and just kept going at speed, my driver struggling to find reverse gear. The culprit did eventually stop, to reveal someone I knew, so waving arms about, gesticulating, shouting and generally behaving badly were off the menu.

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