Saturday, March 01, 2008

Invert invasion

Hiding in the coal shed
This monster was obstructing the path to the fuel

I was given some new trousers last weekend. Having bemoaned the sorry state of my combats and the extortionate prices on the army surplus sites Karl took pity on me and presented me with a pair of urban "camouflage" strides. They're the kind with great white splodges on them that can be seen from space, unmistakable if pictured by Google Earth. However, I'm not that fussy and a few visits to the coal shed and a bit of stumbling around on the moor would, I imagined soon get them to more grimy tones. I'm not superstitious but I do only wear "lucky" kit for birding so something new is a bit suspect. If on the first outing I see bog all and the second outing is little better clothing is remaindered to the house cleaning, gardening draw. But these will be my constant companions now as my drive off and away to a Gos site was well rewarded. Might have to try them on a twitch up to Teesmouth at this rate.

First thing the garden was host to Tree Sparrows x2 and a field away from the house a Grey Partridge.

In the evening I was surprised to be greeted by this trio of slimy slowcoaches on the kitchen table.

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