Friday, March 21, 2008

Med Gull bonanza


How many Meds in this pic?

Gulls coming to roost


Howling northerly, snow forecast, then Scaling Dam is the place to be. Arrived just after 4pm and the gulls were building up nicely, as predicted. An adult summer Med, with a bit of white around the face was the first found, then two full adults which conveniently moved to the mud in front of the hide. However, i needed help with the first winter / 1st summer which although I'd picked it out just wouldn't give itself up, in the northerly it was head on, though quite close. It showed to the other observer in the hide though who sharply picked up on it and then of course it flew and showed off right in front of us.

At dusk 15 Whoopers flew gracefully in.

Totals were Med G, 4; LB-bG, 1; GB-bG, 17; HG, c85; CG, c 1,700+; Bl,hG, c2,000.

Also present Mallard, 2; Tufted, 19, Goldeneye, 2; Teal, 1; Oystercatcher, 1; Curlew, 1; Redshank, 1; Lapwing, 6. An elusive pipit refused to give itself up and in the howling gale I just could not hear it well enough to be sure.

Hide - taking off. If it's still there tomorrow I'll be surprised; pleased but surprised.

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