Friday, March 21, 2008

Lapland Buntings

The Lapland Buntings at Sandsend may still be viewable. To find them. Go to the car park at the west end (through the arches by the cafe). From the car park walk up steps onto old railway, a couple of yards past marker number 2 there is a path that leads through the wood up more steep steps, once at the top go over the stile and turn right, go over the next stile, this is where the Lap Bunts have been for over a week now. The field is a grass field with a ploughed section at the top, Pheasent pens and crop/set aside on the right with some oil seed rape mixed in. I heard some people were walking along the railway too far, so thought I would clarify the directions for you.

Thanks to Craig S for that info.

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