Saturday, August 16, 2008

Moth stuff +

Silver-Y pretending to be Gorse

Yesterday's sunshine brought a few more butterflies to the garden including 3, Wall; 2, Small Copper. Today there was a Silver-Y, uncommon this year and more Walls, Small Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral.
Ling Pug?

I've tried a bit of mothing of late. I think this is Ling Pug, which might be an interesting record if it is one, it's rather worn so difficult. There continue to be huge numbers of Large Yellow Underwing which invade the house at any opportunity - especially when I position the lamp just outside the front door.

Marbled Beauty

On the dead things front this pipistrelle sp was found on the stairs, unfortunately a cat casualty I think.

Pipistrelle sp

Possibly crossbill over the garden this after' but little else of note about.

The greenhouse is now just about completed - end of bad-tempered phase.


Nick Carter said...

Bought a moth trap this weekend so going to give it a go in the coming nights, complete novice but getting lots of help and support from the Calderdale moth-ers (Andy, Martyn, Brian etc) they might be able to help with your pug ID?

Alastair said...

They might, would you ask them to give it a look. I've sent it to the VC 62 moth recorder, the picture not the moth. Have you got Townsend and Waring? You'll find it really helps, much easier to use than Skinner. The photos on UK Moths are very handy also.

Nick Carter said...

Yes I've been recommended Townsend and Waring and got a copy of the "plates only" version from Paul Talbot at Pennine Books. The trap is an actinic rather than MV and my knowledge less than none! Lets see how we go.