Friday, August 22, 2008

Up North

Trip Up North today required to resolve the transportation issue, fortunately successful, and for a bit of a look at old haunts and to take in some culture.

St Mary's Island and Black-headed Gull + rain, lots of it

St Mary's true to form managed to drench us and cause near rebellion amongst offspring, however, the excellent coffee and cakes served by the Rendevous Cafe, down the way at Whitley Bay, generally restored our spirits.

Herring Gull, juvenile at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Japanese art at the Baltic is outstanding - click here for info. And the opportunity for a further pic of a bird at an artistic location. Unfortunately spent most of the time at The (very wonderful) Angel of the North sorting out car insurance so failed to get any sort of picture of a bird there.

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Nick Carter said...

Angel of the North? I just don't get it, then again me and "art" don't always get along! What car did you get in the end? Planning on covering Whitby this autumn?