Friday, August 29, 2008

That other national park

Stills from Rocks/Water

Visited Yorkshire's other national park yesterday. Shooting my new minimalist masterpiece, stills above, link, I'm sure you are thrilled to learn, to follow shortly.

Same story, almost no birds of prey, I did see one Sparrowhawk, but locals report large raptors are generally present for one day only.

Have some loutish, towny picnickers left their detritus to spoil this lovely scene?

The venue for my movie is a lovely spot but some of the locals seem to have scant regard for its beauty .... Apparently the beck was littered with hundreds of bits of painted clay previously, most now washed away by the recent rains. It wasn't hard to find evidence of the clays though. Personally I find this sort of disregard for our countryside very objectionable.

Some of those who live and work in the park treat it with loving care ... not

Clay fragments in beck

On the birding front 6 or 7 Common Crossbills in one spot and 4 in another a mile or so distant.

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