Sunday, November 16, 2008

Garden birds

Coal Tit, flew in to window and clung there for 10 minutes before flying off strongly

I didn't go out today as an unwell offspring required supervision whilst riding was in progress. In the garden a Treecreeper was unusual. A small thrush flock 9 Fieldfare and 4 Redwing went west and that was about it really. Marsh Tits were abundant, probably three or four. They were present all day but as usual there was most activity in the late afternoon. The many Coal Tits, perhaps 15 or even 20 different ones I would guess were all action early on but were hard to find later in the day. A pair of Tree Sparrows were prospecting around one of the nest boxes - now that would be nice. The Chaffinch flock is now up to about 35 and the day ended with much Tawny Owl racket from the plantation next door.


Warren Baker said...

I'd be pleased with that count in my garden. Especially the tawny owl. Still not heard one on my patch this year. I like the Coal Tit shot!

Alastair said...

Tawny Owl is rather common here. Currently rather hard not to hear one and see them pretty regularly. I was pleased the Coal Tit recovered. Despite all my work I was alerted to it by Ellen (6) "Dad, there's a Yellowhmmer on the window." What's that girl on?