Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twitch no dip surprise

I'm a rarity at a twitch and it is even more rare that I actually connect. The last effort was the Scarborough Desert Wheatear (dip), before that Broad-billed Sand at Saltholme (dip); before that Semi-P at Saltholme (connect). So this was a good experience. The slightly awkward to find Garfitt's Farm was located by a process of more luck than judgement. I was then fortunate to be guided to find one of the few places to watch the feeder at the back of the house as well as the one at the front (watched by most folk). I had rather limited time as there was a YNU meeting today - actually the reason for going as it was en route (vaguely). Having arrived at the spot, 2 Siskin on the way, it was the usual waiting around. Crossbills flew over. Great Spotted Woodpeckers hogged the rear feeder. Then I heard an interesting, but feint, high pitched crossbill like call. More waiting. Then bingo, it (Two-barred Crossbill) was on the feeder and I was getting excellent views. The birder next to me quickly got good views and then there was a bit of a rush. The bird eventually went in to the larches around the house and was well seen by all I think. Mission accomplished I left in order to only be slightly late for the meeting.

The Seige of Garfitt's Farm

I'm glad I don't live there at the moment, this twitching business would drive me nuts.

On the way home I got to the top of the dale when a passerine flipped along the road in front of me. This proved to be as I'd thought a Snow Bunting, very nice.

Rubbish pic of Snow Bunting

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