Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bird movements, me movements

I've been guilty recently of not reporting on some fairly interesting bits of movement - Saturday, Meadow Pipits were coasting and whilst I was by coastguards and then down at Saltwick there was a steady trickle heading north or westward.

Yesterday morning something stirred in Fieldfare world. En route to bacon-butty-baited Scaling Dam a large flock of about 300 lingered in trees with about 50 Redwing. Then at Scaling itself another 130 or so headed north, this time without accompanying smaller cousins.

Another significant movement may be taking place in the not too distant future as the WhitbyBirder is planning a permanent northerly migration. All is not confirmed yet but the delightful property below is now on the market (70 species in the garden or in direct airspace in three and a bit years), more on this later.
Click for link to estate agents.

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