Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just now I heard a distant Whimbrel from the garden, I think. It was just a bit distant and it only called twice, in the end I decided not countable for the tetrad. At the beginning of the week I was puzzled by a call which was repeated over about three minutes or so, it seemed to be coming from a bird that was flying around high up. Later when I could check I listened to Bee-eater calls which the mystery sound had reminded me of. Close but not quite the business, the flutey, whistley bit was in there but not the prrupping noises. Still don't know what it was, I suspect it actually was a bee-eater, though none have been recorded elsewhere and it is a bit early - that or wild imagination.

The White Wagtail business earlier in the week was interesting, in the past I was pretty adamant that they could not be done on call and had tested this in Europe. But the bird the other day I picked up on call straight away, a good test.

Sunny today, the first blue sky we've had for over a week I think. I'll sit outside and listen some more.


Steve Gale said...

Alastair - Dotterel sound a bit like Bee-eaters - check it out.

Alastair said...


Thanks, yes they do and a more likely customer except I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Dotterel calling - I'm fairly familiar with that call. There is a Dotterel place or two fairly near here though so it's possible.