Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring is here

There were three Willow Warblers singing on my round this morning. It is the song that most heralds the change of season for me, I love that melancholy accent. I also saw two dead lambs, various placentae and one sheep with the head of, what looked like, another rather dead lamb sticking out of it's rear.

Yesterday there were as many as five Sand Martins along the river at the Danby Moors Centre and I had a glimpse of a maybe House Martin but it disappeared all too swiftly.

We then went on to Whitby where there were piles of Herring Gulls which had followed the boats in and the usual very tame Turnstones.

Click the pic for Big Turnstone

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Warren Baker said...

Willow Warblers here today Alastair, no dead lambs though!