Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bird song/call samples

I am very partial to a tune with a bird song sample / recording within it. There have over recent years been quite a few of these with Kate Bush, Beta Band and The Orb offering some exemplary examples (or exsamples even .... groan). Anyway the new Movie - main feature offers one of my oldest and favourite birds rocking and a rollin' (and probably tripping out) tunes - - Pink Floyd - Granchester Meadows from the wonderous UmmaGumma. I never heard the Floyd play this live - maybe they did a bit before my time - I do remember hearing a roaring Astronomy Domine and a terrifying Careful with that Axe Eugene back at the Brighton Dome in maybe 1971. I do recall that the tickets were 60p (decimalisation came in february that year) for close to the front in the stalls - those were the days my friends .....

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