Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home birding

House guests and a growth spurt by everything in the garden - grass and the bramble and bracken - meant a lack of coastal birding. I was also too knackered to be honest. Went to Any Questions on Friday night (listen for the 132nd applauder from the left) and on the way back tried for Nightjar in torrential rain and gale - unsurprisingly failed. However, a new and nearby Tree Pipit, Whitethroat and Cuckoo in the garden, Lesser Black-backed Gull (finally) were all good. Struggling to id the big beggar in the tree though.

Most of the Ash have yet to show leaves, it seems very late to me.

It looks like the sheep was kipping under the horse jump when the supports finally rotted and it collapsed, rather a slow death i would guess.


darrell j prest said...

tree pipit the median coverts look good anymore pics?

Alastair said...

Not of this one, it was a quick snap. Bit tricky to see plumage detail on the new movie (but it's all action eh?)